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Innovation in surgery – how far have we come?

7 November 2016

From Lister’s antiseptic system, to 3D printing organs to assist surgeons in planning complex operations, King’s has contributed significantly to surgical and medical innovation.

The integration of science in to technology and in to healthcare has really improved patient care. I’m pleased to say that King’s has been at the forefront of some of that innovation.

– Pankaj Chandak, Research Fellow, King’s College London and Specialist Registrar in Transplant Surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

In this video, Pankaj Chandak, a Research Fellow at King’s, looks back at Lister’s achievements and how surgical techniques and technologies have developed to improve patient care.

Pankaj Chandak was awarded the British Science Association’s Lecture for Agricultural, Biological and Medical Sciences. You can book to attend the public lecture, entitled ‘From kings to keyholes: surgical innovation in organ transplantation’, online at www.britishsciencefestival.org

In April 2017, Pankaj Chandak gave a lecture at the Royal Institution on the history of surgery. You can watch the lecture here.

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