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Clothing designed for a rare skin condition

7 February 2017

Researchers at King’s, led by Professor Patricia Grocott, have developed ground-breaking new garments for patients with the rare skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), which causes widespread blistering and wounds.

Designed in partnership with clothing designers, carers, clinicians and patients, these garments reduce the difficulty of re-bandaging on a day-to-day basis, greatly improving quality of life for patients. The project was successfully turned into a product line of clothing designed especially for EB patients, which is now available via the NHS.  Patients who do not have EB but have extensive wounds have also benefitted from these garments.

As EB can cause loss of hand function due to scarring, which can conjoin the fingers, the researchers are now working on devices to delay and prevent deformities of the hand and help EB patients retain the use of their fingers.

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