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Unlocking the value of digital WWI collections

16 February 2017
Unlocking the value of digital WWI collections

The Europeana 1914-1918 project has been collecting and documenting untold stories and unseen objects from the First World War and made use King’s Digital Cultural Heritage Professor Simon Tanner’s Balanced Value Impact Model, a framework built for assessing the values and benefits of cultural heritage collections to their communities. This allowed the organisation to measure, document and communicate the impact of their digital platform for European cultural heritage.

Professor Tanner’s model made us aware that it was not the digitised data that we collected about the First World War that mattered; it was the stories created from it that connect people – Harry Verwayen, Deputy Director of Europeana.

Workers Underground is a new video showcasing Professor Tanner’s work on the Europeana project.

For the participants in the 1914-18 project it gives them a voice they have not necessary had before. It provides a forum for sharing experiences and common cultural perspectives that couldn’t be achieved without Europeana. – Professor Tanner.

Sharing personal stories from those who have contributed to the digital collection, the film shows how the project brings these seemingly disparate fragments together to build a powerful picture of a pivotal moment in European history, and demonstrates the lasting human impact of the research.

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Image: Family from Oldenberg cc-BY-SA 3.0, from Europeana 1914 – 1018 project

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