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Saving lives after heroin overdose

4 August 2017

Over the past two decades, researchers from King’s College London have significantly changed public policy on naloxone, a fast-acting antidote which revives someone suspected of heroin overdose.

Naloxone is a ‘take home’ solution which can be administered by friends and family to provide crucial extra time to seek further medical treatment.

In this new video Professor Sir John Strang, Head of the Addictions Department at King’s, reflects on 20 years of research and looks ahead to future developments for the life-saving antidote.

Professor Sir John Strang’s research has been nominated for this year’s PLuS Alliance Prize, due to be announced at the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit.

The PLuS Alliance Prize awards $50,000 USD to globally-significant innovation in research and education which makes a direct and positive impact on communities. Find out more about the PLuS Alliance on its website.

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