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Award-winning videogame teaches resilience in healthcare

9 August 2017

Researchers at King’s Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare (CARe) have developed an award-winning videogame which raises awareness of the difficult pressures facing healthcare providers.

The game, Resilience Challenge, takes the player through various real life scenarios which require difficult decision-making. The team also hope the game will start wider conversations about what can be done at an organisational level to support successful decision-making on the ground.

It was recently awarded the Second Resilient Health Care Net International Prize in Resilient Health Care, in recognition of the unique and innovative nature of the game at a time when patient safety is crucial.

It has been an exciting challenge to take very technical, complex theory and turn it into something fun and engaging. We are exploring how the game can be used in staff education at an NHS Foundation Trust, and hope to continue conversations about improving safety in healthcare.

Project lead, PhD student Jennifer Jackson, Nursing and Midwifery

The game was supported by King’s Cultural Institute, and developed in collaboration with Karman Interactive.

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