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Helping navigate the complexities of Brexit policy

13 September 2017
Helping navigate the complexities of Brexit policy

Following the Brexit vote, developing coherent policy across the UK and Europe is critical and requires careful consideration and analysis in order to properly account for a changing and complex global political landscape. Researchers at King’s have contributed to the debate, offering timely solutions and research insights.

As part of ongoing work by The UK in a Changing Europe to provide rigorous, high-quality and independent research into the complex and ever changing relationship between the UK and the European Union, the team have been consistently utilising their evidence based approach and advising government and policymakers across the UK and Europe.

Professor Jonathan Portes, Senior Fellow and Professor of Economics and Public Policy in the Department of Political Economy, contributed to a position paper on migration, recently published by the Welsh government. Working with Giuseppe Forte, Professor Portes provided analytical background evidence for the policy work that has been published alongside the position paper. The Welsh paper emphasises the positive impact of immigration in general, and free movement in particular, on the Welsh economy; and the consequent risks resulting from the end of free movement after Brexit.

As well as this recent work, The UK in a Changing Europe have worked closely with members of parliament, and as a result, their research has been discussed in several parliamentary committees and is shaping political responses to Brexit. Before and during the referendum, the team held briefings for both campaigns, the Cabinet Office and political parties, achieving significant impact in framing and informing the debate on the UK’s EU relations.

The team has also developed and delivered innovative methods of engagement with the wider public. In particular, Professor Anand Menon, Director of The UK in a Changing Europe chaired ‘town hall’ events across the country to inform voters about the issues at stake.

To find out more about The UK in a Changing Europe, visit their website at http://ukandeu.ac.uk/

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