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Play tells story of Brazilian women affected by violence

5 October 2017
Play tells story of Brazilian women affected by violence

Living in London, with limited knowledge of English, insecure immigration status, and lack of support puts some Latin American women living in the capital at greater risk of violence, according to research from King’s. In both Brazil and the UK, violence against women and girls is on the rise and a new play – Efêmera – based on the research tells the story of two women affected by this violence, one Brazilian and one British.

The play, based on Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded research, is directed by Professor Cathy McIlwaine, Department of Geography, and co-directed by Professor Paul Heritage from QMUL. The play itself was written and directed by Gaël le Cornec.

It has been a privilege to work with such great partners on a truly interdisciplinary project. Linking theatre with social science research has opened news ways of thinking and communicating important issues around violence against women – Cathy McIlwaine, Department of Geography.

Interviews with Brazilian women migrants living in London found that the majority have experienced some form of gender-based violence. The research, which was undertaken in partnership with the Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Peoples’ Palace Projects and CASA Festival, included an online survey of Brazilian women in London, in-depth interviews and focus group workshops. Researchers also mapped service provision in the city in order to identify the current gaps in support available for Brazilian women survivors.

Efêmera is part of the 10th anniversary of CASA festival at the Southwark Playhouse. The CASA Latin American Theatre Festival was founded to present the very best of Latin American theatre to UK audiences. Upon completion of its run in London the play will travel to Rio later in the year and a play currently being created in Rio will be performed in the UK next year.

Find out more about Efêmera here.

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